How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Painter 

Even if it’s only a small interior renovation, redoing a single room with fresh paint can make your living space feel completely new and improved.

But, if you cannot or dislike repainting it yourself (no problem, many people do), perhaps you are presently thinking: how much money will it take to get a professional paint job for one room? And is this expense worth its value?

The cost of employing a painter to paint a 10×12 room, not factoring in trim and ceilings or the price of paint, can be around $400 to $500 for raw labor.

This is a detailed blog on how much it costs to hire a painter, factors on which interior painting costs depend, the average cost to paint a stucco house, and much more. 

How to calculate the cost of painting a room

We suggest you make use of this paint calculator to estimate the required amount of paint in a single room.

To provide you with the most accurate cost estimate, your paint contractor will require the square footage of the room. You can compute this by performing the following steps:

Measure the height and width of each wall you want to paint.

Then, multiply the height and width of each wall separately.

If you have custom doors or windows, subtract their measurements from your final values.

Is it included in the plan to paint ceilings, trim, and baseboards? If so, you can calculate their area using the same process as Step 2 explained earlier.

Finally, take those measurements and add them all together.

The number you get is the room’s square footage you intend to paint.

Figure out the amount of paint required for your project. Normally, one gallon of paint can cover about four hundred square feet. However, it’s good to note that some experts suggest applying two layers of paint which might influence this calculation.

Note: if you want to hire a professional, they can do these calculations and give you an exact estimate with labor and paint product costs.

How Much Does a House Painter Charge Per Hour?

The price of labor for a painter to paint one room can be influenced by the season, kind of task, and level of skill required. 

Calculating the Square Footage

Average Interior Painting Cost

(DISCLAIMER: All surfaces are based on 8’ ceilings. These rates are calculated as a standard re-coat with no priming. Pricing will vary based on the total rooms and surfaces being painted during the project.)

Average Exterior Painting Cost
EstimateSquare Feet
Full Exterior – Two Story$9,000-$12,000)4000
Full Exterior – One Story$5000-$70001000
Split-Level – Siding Only$7000-$90004000
Tudor – Stucco & Trim$8,000-$9,0002000
Siding Only – One Story$8,000-10,0001700
Full Exterior – Two Story$10,000-$12,0002000
Average Exterior Painting Cost

If you desire to estimate the cost, you can calculate your own square footage.  To get an approximate idea of exterior painting cost, measure the perimeter of your home and multiply it by the height from the top of the foundation to the bottom part of the roofline.

In the same way, when you do interior calculations, measure the room’s perimeter and multiply it by its height. In both cases for more accurate measurements, take away the area occupied by doors and windows from your calculation.

Per Room

Sometimes, painters who work professionally might ask for payment for each room but it is not very usual. The general fee range to hire a painter and have them completely repaint a bedroom goes from $800 up until $1,200. For living rooms or other big areas, it can be as much as over three thousand dollars or even higher than that (usually covering any repainting required).

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Per Hour

It is not common for a painter to provide you with an hourly rate, but you can inquire about it. The price per hour for professional painters might range from $20 to $50 for a simple painting task, and could be $100 or higher every hour if the work requires more expertise like creating murals or using a certain grade of paint.

A person who does painting professionally, typically can manage around 150 to 350 square feet in one hour. This could be useful if you want to estimate the expenses before talking with your painter. Make sure that you include the costs for two coats of paint and also allocate some time for preparation and cleaning tasks.

Per Day

Day rates are the less usual approach for professional painters, but if you get a quote this way expect to pay about $200 to $500 per day. Keep in mind that even a small project can stretch out with various things like a rainy day or similar factors, so always be prepared for it to take more time than initially thought.

Before hiring a professional painter, consider if your project warrants a full day’s work for a crew. Most painting companies have a cap of at least 2-3 rooms as their minimum cost starts from $1000- $2000 depending on the season. 

Factors that influence the cost of hiring a painter 

  • The painter’s experience and skills: A painter who has been in the field for many years or has expertise in a particular type of work might charge more.
  • The size of the project: The cost is often calculated based on either square footage or total time spent, so larger jobs can be more expensive.
  • Location: Prices can differ depending on where you live because of variations in living costs. Complexity and uniqueness of the job. If your painting job requires special techniques, or intricate designs, or is difficult to access (like high ceilings), it may cost more than a standard project. 
  • Preparation requirements: The need to repair surfaces, remove old paint layers, or apply base coats before starting the painting work can increase the price.
  • Material quality: Higher-quality paints typically cost more than lower-quality ones, which could influence the final price estimate given by your painter. 

These are some more factors that could impact how much it costs to hire a painter:

The size of the room to be painted: The larger the room, the more work involved. A bigger area for repainting would demand more supplies and time. Keep in mind that one gallon of paint can cover approximately 400 square feet, so the total cost of repaint will also include paint bought for this particular room.

The texture of your walls: Normally, if the wall has a rough texture, it will require more paint compared to smooth surfaces.

Time to dry: The time for the initial coat to dry before applying a second one is a factor in the overall cost of repainting.

So, to sum it up: 1) the area’s size and 2) the surface material are two key elements that affect interior paint job cost. For instance, our professionals could cover around 100-120 sq. ft of a flat surface in an hour (this includes first and second coats). If walls happen to be made from wood or plaster-type materials then one can expect an amount covered per hour around 80-100 sq. ft.

Here are the types of painters you could hire based on your specific use: 

Bargain Painters: 

If you want painters who can get the job done at cheaper rates then you can look for bargain painters. Do keep in mind that all the project management will have to be done by your end if you decide to go with this option and also be ready to work with irregular timelines and lower-quality products. 

Luxury- Artisan painters: 

You can choose this type of painter for specialty applications However, this type of paint is not suitable for the harsh climate of Minnesota and it also takes a couple of years to finish a project. 

Paris Painting 

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You need to think about many things when you hire a professional painter: how big your room is; what time of year it is; how much you want to be painted (just one wall or everything inside the room); and also consider the current state of your room before starting any painting work.

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*Disclaimer: The estimated amounts presented here are for general understanding only and should not be considered as an estimate for painting services. For an estimate of your particular interior, exterior, or cabinet painting Minneapolis project, please contact us.


How much does it cost to paint a 20×20 bedroom?

To paint a 20×20 bedroom, you can expect the costs to be around $600 – 1400 for just the walls. 

What paints do you recommend?

The best-suited paint for your use depends on a lot of factors. Generally, flat, eggshell and satin paint are best for interior walls as they can hide any wall imperfections. 

What do most painters charge hourly?

Based on the complexity of the painting project, a basic paint job can cost from $20 to $50 and go up to $100 or more per hour for specialized projects. 

How much does it cost to paint a 12×12 room?

On average, painters can charge around $400 to $950 to paint a 12×12 room. 

How much does a painter charge per day?

Painters can charge $330 to $605 per day depending on the project and their own expertise. You can explore more options to get a flat rate at a discount.