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Lauren Purdy
Lauren Purdy
Paris Painting Client
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Recently we had our kitchen cabinets stripped and repainted. We had Paris Painting come in and give us a quote. The whole process was very quick and easy - they offered us a fair quote for the work, and they were very helpful about planning the dates for the work to occur. Also, they were extremely flexible when we had to update our quote and make changes. The work was done in the time quoted, and they were incredibly responsive and checked in often on the project to ensure our satisfaction. It turned out better than we had hoped! I would definitely do business with Paris Painting again!
Dennis C.
Dennis C.
Paris Painting Client
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Cameron knew the product and answer all our questions. We were very comfortable with him. Everyone was great. A real professional job. Ben did a top notched job.
Lauren Pust
Lauren Pust
Paris Painting Client
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Fantastic experience — professional crew, on site project manager, and spot-on advice. Will use again and recommend.

Top 10 Cabinet Painting FAQs

1. How Do I Remove Wood Grain?

Painted cabinets may show wood grain. Achieve a smoother surface by using a bondo skim technique and thorough sanding before the primer coat. Acknowledge the labor intensity, leading to a potential doubling of project timeline and cost.

2. What is the Cost of Cabinet Painting?

The cost ranges between $6,000 and $8,000, based on factors like kitchen size and specific labor/material requirements. Our metric-based bidding system ensures a customized estimate for each project.

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3. Do You paint offsite or onsite?

Cabinet Painting is typically onsite. Designate a 10×10+ area at home for a spray booth. Offsite painting incurs a $250 fee for transporting items to our workshop.

Paris Painting Cabinet Painting Process

4. Should I Remove or Replace hardware?

Allow us to handle hardware removal. For new hardware, ensure it matches the profile and screw length. Consult specialists at stores like Lowes, Menards, or Home Depot for compatibility.

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5. Paint Before or After Installing Countertops?

Painting can precede countertop installation, observing the paint’s curing period (21-28 days). Alternatively, we can start painting 48 hours post-installation for optimal results.

Cabinet Painting Process

6. Are all cabinets paintable?

Different materials (wood, laminate, MDF) require varied preparation and painting techniques. We can help you understand the type of cabinets you’re working with.

7. How Long Does Cabinet Painting Take?

A professional crew can paint your kitchen in 5-7 days (75-120 hours of labor). Please plan for managing without cabinet access during the project.

8. Do I need to Clear kitchen area?

Homeowners must clear items from countertops and cabinets. We ask that you please designate a 10×10+ area at home for a spray booth. Anticipate 4-7 days of kitchen inaccessibility.

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9. How Can I conceal Dark Wood?

Apply a Stain Blocking Oil or Shellac Primer followed by two coats of high-quality cabinet enameling paint.

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10. What Paint do You Recommend?

  • Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane 
  • INSL-X Cabinet Coat

Why Should You Paint Your Cabinets?

Painting your cabinets is a smart way to save money and update your kitchen. Whether you need extra cash for a new fridge, new flooring, or other upgrades, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your countertops. We can paint your cabinets with professional skill and high-quality materials, giving them a fresh and modern look. Contact us today and get a free estimate for your cabinet painting project.

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Jason grew up in Minnesota and graduated with an Economics degree from the University of Minnesota. Go Gophers! During school his goal was always to run his own small business, and he got his start in painting by running several crews in the summers to pay for tuition.

Jason quit his corporate job with a dream to professionalize the residential painting industry. Jason now lives in Maple Grove with his wife and 4 children. They enjoy running, reading, and being involved in the local community and church.