Best Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings

First impressions matter in the world of business. Prospective clients and customers should see a beautiful coating of paint on your company’s exterior walls when passing by or entering the property. Does your building have the appropriate color for the feeling you want your business to represent?

If not, it may be time to hire a professional painter to give your property the right look! Read on to learn about how color influences our perceptions and how to choose the right exterior paint colors for commercial buildings.

How We Understand Color

Color is a powerful tool to utilize when designing art and architecture. Humans use color in culture and psychology to evoke feelings and encourage action. Business owners understand the power of visual advertisement. Still, many don’t realize how impactful something as simple as color is in promoting a specific mood around their company’s image. 

Understanding the meaning behind colors can give your company a subtle edge in self-promotion and professionalism. Below, we will identify the symbolic meaning behind many colors that painters use to boost the beauty of commercial properties.

Red: Excitement

In many cultures, red represents leadership qualities, power, and excitement. Adding a tasteful amount of red to the exterior of your commercial building can elicit subtle feelings of excitement and action. Red catches the eye, which is excellent for businesses that want to pull in people passing by, like: 

  • Fast-food restaurants
  • Car dealerships
  • Retail stores

Red is a warm color. Pairing it with complementary colors like blues or greens can help balance the aggressive nature of this pigment on your property.

Brown and Black: Security

Brown and black paint jobs evoke a sense of structure and security. We typically observe companies using this color when they want to present a more formal and serious tone. Companies that often choose colors like these include:

  • Law firms
  • Banks
  • Private healthcare offices

Though many contemporary companies elect to use vibrant colors for the exterior of their properties, black and brown are reasonable choices and evoke a sense of trust and tradition.

White: Integrity

Exterior white coloring is a popular choice among many commercial businesses. Though this color is the hardest to keep clean, doing so conjures a feeling of integrity and responsibility. White works well with a combination of other colors, making it flexible for branding. White coloring is typical among:

  • Apartments
  • Religious buildings
  • Gas stations

Vibrant Colors: A Modern Touch

Various industries use vibrant blues, yellows, and greens on commercial properties. These colors represent idealism, progress, flexibility, and other feelings that are great for constantly evolving industries. You will regularly see these colors on:

  • Tech companies
  • Start-up offices
  • Grocery and retail

The proper application of these colors offers a modern touch. Business owners can also use bold and vibrant colors to make architectural features pop, such as the roof or trim.

Choosing the Right Color

With so many exterior paint colors for commercial buildings available, you may be asking which option is suitable for your business. Consider your company logo and other branding material that may pair nicely with the building’s color.

Remember your environment as well. If your property is in a densely populated city with plenty of grays and whites, it could stand out using bold colors. This strategy will likely draw more attention to your business as people pass by.

Depending on the industry, standing out may not always be the most appropriate solution. Hospitals and banks may benefit more from neutral colors to give patrons the feeling that these businesses offer sanitized, well-organized services. 

The last factor to consider is the architectural style of the building and the surrounding residences. Specific colors may not always look appropriate on the structure, depending on the building materials or age of the property.

Find a Painting Company That Can Help You

Still unsure about which colors you should use for your building? Let the experts help! Paris Painting contractors know the psychology of color and will offer you valuable advice on what paints your company should consider.

Minnesota business owners trust our painters to complete quality work at affordable prices. We pay close attention to detail while painting the exterior of businesses and ensure every property we service looks beautiful and clean. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter painting companies—enlist Paris Painting, and we will treat your property like a piece of art. 

For more information on choosing exterior paint colors for commercial buildings, contact us online or by phone at 763-878-8899.