Trendy Front Door Paint Colors

A lot of homeowners do not appreciate the importance of their house’s exterior-looking aesthetic. Rather than this, they usually concentrate more on interior work like improving the kitchen and bathroom facilities or redesigning main bedrooms and adding rooms to the structure – which are all things that help increase value too.

But you need to know that besides following up with bedroom paint color ideas,  your home needs matching attention given towards keeping its outside just as attractive. 

A successful real estate agent states that if you stay in a region where many people have empty houses, your buyer is probably going to favor calming neutrals. When the neighborhood has lots of families with kids, it’s likely more playful and open for fun color choices. She adds that if it is a youthful and trendy area for singles, then you can take some risks such as using dramatic gunmetal gray combined with brass details. The color must belong to the same color range as other parts of the house and nearby areas.

In this blog, we have collected various front door inspo for you. We hope you find what you are looking for! 

Trending Front Door Paint Colors 

You might be tempted to opt for stucco to paint your exteriors. However, there are several common stucco problems that you might encounter. You can easily overcome them by hiring a professional painting company! 

Here are some front door paint ideas for house painting in Minneapolis: 

Black for the Aesthetic! 

Certainly, a black front door has an impact. If your home has black siding, you could paint the front door in the same color for a smooth and uniform appearance. You may also choose to go with dark gray or charcoal if it is too strong or heavy for your liking but still want something darker than usual. A black-painted door, along with a lighter neutral exterior, gives your house a classic and elegant appearance. It makes the entrance stand out boldly.

The color of this front door is appealing because it gives off a sleek and modern feel, which is what most people are looking for in their new house. 

Add some life to your entrance 

Even if your home exterior trends are neutral, express your personality through a splash of vibrant color on the front door. Opt for a deep and saturated paint color that goes well with the style of your house and brings out its landscape features.

For your front entrance, any color can be used to make it lively. 

Many people favor slate blue, a light blue-gray hue that resembles chalk. Homes having a front door this color received the highest overall score from both recent and potential buyers.

Although not conventional, olive green is another choice that recent and potential buyers like. The hue, which is modern but also earthy, may boost the aesthetic value of your front door.

Make the entrance more welcoming! 

Do you have neutral or white paint on your interiors? Make a case for why a front door in white color is best. White paint has unmatched flexibility, it is both transcendent and ageless. It creates a plain space for seasonal decorations or accents

Sean Takamori, a real estate agent from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty in Hawaii, comments that “the usual front door color is still plain white or off-white. But now we are seeing black or gray front doors becoming more trendy, especially for modern home designs.”

While pondering on the idea of painting your front door, you can follow color suggestions from the paint colors within your house. What paint colors does your front door open into? Take motivation from this muted gray shade

Know when to play it down

If your house’s siding has a strong color, consider using more neutral shades for the front door.

Like the idea of a strong color on your front door, but unsure about committing? Test a deep neutral paint shade that has an evident undertone. In this image, two saturated neutrals combine to produce a fresh and calming appearance.

Tips to Choose The Perfect Front Door Shade 

  1. Neutral or Pop of color?

Colors that are neutral y don’t give off any strong feelings and match with a broader variety of outside paint colors. If you’re concerned about your door matching the whole exterior of your house, choose something neutral. However, this doesn’t imply just black, white, brown, and gray shades. Include slate blue, earthy greens, and even some reds such as terra cotta.

The positives of a daring hue such as coral or canary yellow is that they are frequently more cheerful and give a more robust welcome statement to visitors. Comparatively, your front door is also a little property. Painting it with an impactful color will not be as intimidating compared to if you painted all of your exterior in that shade. A grape front door? Beautiful and unique, yet restrained. Grape siding everywhere? That’s probably a bit much.

  1. Create a color palette 

Consider complementary colors

We already suggested this. When selecting a color for the front door, ensure that it complements the other shades of your house. This does not imply you must match them precisely, however. Strong contrast, like a bright blue door on a white house, may be particularly pleasing. Think about how the new color of your door will go with trim, window shutters and screen doors as well as the overall outside look of your house.

You can find many paint companies that make harmonious color palettes on their websites. Just choose a color which matches with the outside of your house and see what shades they recommend to pair with it.

  1. Test 

Once you feel that you have found a good match, go outside and look at it. If possible, bring a big piece to your home. Stick this swatch on the front door using tape and observe how it appears during various periods throughout the day. What may seem beautiful under strong morning sunlight could appear dull by the evening. What seemed beautiful in the store may appear less captivating in sunlight. Conversely, what you were unsure about inside could become perfect once outside from under fluorescent lights.

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What are the most popular colors for a front door?

Classic colors such as the back, white, or white-based neutrals are popular picks to be a front door. They pair well with almost all other colors and can be designed with hardware and other accessories in a more versatile manner. 

What is the best paint for a front door?

Front doors are regularly exposed to a lot of weather phenomena such as rain, sun and wind. Acrylic resin or latex-based paint with a gloss finish are able to combat these and be flexible in all situations. 

Should the front door be painted in semi-gloss or gloss?

High gloss paints are so glossy that they can highlight imperfections. Generally, semi-gloss paints are chosen for exterior paint such as front doors. 

What is the hardest paint for front doors?

Epoxy paint is a very durable choice which is resistant to scratches, stains, and fading. It is a good choice for people who want highly resistant paint for their homes. The only downside is that it is a little difficult to work with.

 What color front door is most welcoming?

Doors with a pop of color such as red and yellow seem to be more welcoming than other shades. Orange, blue and green shades can also be considered!