Should You Do Cabinet Painting in Minneapolis and St Paul?

Is a kitchen renovation on the horizon for you? It may not take you long to realize that purchasing brand new cabinets is not going to be in your budget range. For many homeowners, replacing your cabinets is going to be out of the question because new cabinets might cost up to half of the overall renovation expenditure. Cabinet refinishing, however, is more cost effective than replacing your outdated golden oak cabinets. 

Many people believe that the kitchen is the most significant room in the house. Food preparation, family meals, seating, and food storage take place here. Not only that, kitchens provide direction for your home since they are often the entertainment center for your guests. Minneapolis homeowners have the opportunity to transform their dull and uninviting kitchen into something fresh and inviting with cabinet refinishing. 

Cost of Painting Your Cabinets in Minneapolis


Applying fresh paint as opposed to replacement or resurfacing is always less expensive. Let’s examine a few of the reasons why you might think about painting your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them.

      • Usually, homeowners think about Cabinet Painting in St Paul and cabinet painting in Minneapolis because they want a new appearance and their cabinets are out of date. Homeowners don’t anticipate how quickly and dramatically kitchen trends shift. The most recent trend is toward colorful hues, where cabinets are painted white or a neutral color, with kitchen islands painted green or blue.

      • Painting a kitchen often costs half as much as replacing it. In most situations, the paints now being used are just as long lasting as brand new cabinets.

      • For all supplies and expert work, painting cabinets typically costs $3 to $10 per square foot or $30 to $60 per linear foot. You may anticipate paying $50 to $100 each door, $120 to 170 per cabinet, and $20 to 30 per drawer from painting professionals.

    How Much is the Estimated Cost for Kitchen Remodeling in Minneapolis?

    According to a 2022 Cost vs Value Report, the average cost for a Twin Cities major kitchen remodel is $80,809. However, most minor repairs, such as repainting walls, repairing cabinets, updating sinks, and putting in new tiles, only cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Studies show that the average homeowner spends between $8,739 and $43,699 on home improvement expenditures. It’s important to decide the scope of your kitchen remodel so you don’t end up paying for things you never wanted in the first place.

    How Can You Get the Right Pricing for Kitchen Remodeling in St Paul and Minneapolis?

    A homeowner should think about the kitchen as a whole to obtain an idea of how much a new Minneapolis and St Paul kitchen renovation would cost. Making cuts in specific locations, like not replacing the cabinets, is one method to save costs. Cabinets may account for over 30% of the total cost of upgrading kitchen in both locations.

    Going budget friendly on your cabinets is one of the smartest things you can do. Instead of investing in brand new cabinets, a homeowner may be able to save a lot of money by refinishing their cabinets. Before you start collecting estimates, determine your goals and non-negotiables, such as longevity, quality of materials, and overall design. 

    How Long Will It Take to Remodel My Kitchen?


    The completion of a medium-sized kitchen remodel can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. This is the actual period that your area will be unusable. Prior preparation normally takes 1-2 months, while the time needed to get production permits for materials might take 1-3 months. From the beginning of the planning process to the completion of the project, it may take around 6 months. This is merely a ballpark figure. Who you hire and your project scope will determine the precise completion date.

    What is an Estimate for Replacing Cabinets in St Paul and Minneapolis?

    St Paul cabinet refinishing

    Be sure to take notice of some additional facts regarding replacement costs when choosing new kitchen cabinets for your house. Making decisions regarding new cabinets and other crucial aspects of a successful kitchen makeover will need thorough research on your part. Here is a breakdown of kitchen cabinet prices for each quality level.

        • Although they are cheap, they could also come out as being a little boring or simple. Stock cabinets may also contrast or conflict with elaborate crown molding and other unique elements in a space. A linear foot of standard cabinets costs between $60 and $200.

        • Stock cabinetry serves as the foundation for semi-custom cabinets, which may contain additional features like elaborate trim or glass inserts. You’ll pay between $100 and 650 per linear foot for them.

        • Custom cabinets are created from the ground up and may contain customizable features like slide-out shelves, specialty shelf sizes, and a unique paint color. They are the most expensive option but they are excellent quality and will undoubtedly give you the desired look. You’ll pay $500 to $1200 per linear foot for them.

      Is Refinishing Your Cabinets in St Paul and Minneapolis a Good Idea?

      Is Cabinet Refinishing a Good Idea?

      Is Cabinet Refinishing a Good Idea?

      Cabinet enamel painting typically costs between $5000 and $10,000. An average kitchen cabinet job requires 90 to 120 hours of work, and it can take a painting crew 6 to 8 days to finish. The steps to a long lasting finish are as follows:

          • Protect all Flooring and Furniture

          • Set up a Painting Booth

          • Remove Doors, Drawers, Hinges, Pulls, and Handles

          • Sand Prior Coated Surfaces

          • Prime

          • 1st Coat Dry

          • 2nd Coat Dry 

          • Reinstall all Hardware

          • Perform a Quality Inspection

          • Tidy up

        We do not recommend painting your kitchen cabinets yourself unless you have prior enameling experience. Cabinet Painting in St Paul and Cabinet Painting in Minneapolis is a great remodeling alternative for your kitchen if the cabinet boxes are in decent condition and you like how the kitchen is laid out. Refinishing your cabinets also has a high return-on-investment. Having light neutral kitchen cabinets can attract potential buyers and increase the resale value of your home by thousands.

        Paris Painting Experts Help in Saving Your Time

        Save time and money

        You’ll need the time to do the task properly. Kitchen cabinet preparation and painting properly might need three or four full weekends. You are without a kitchen for a month as a result. It takes a lot of time because it has to be primed, painted, and the old finish removed. When you hire a pro, they will arrive with a crew of skilled painters and work while you are at your regular job.  Most works will be finished by a qualified painting firm in 2-4 days. We at Paris Painting do so in the following ways:

            • Project manager assigned for quality control.

            • Crew assigned until completion.

            • Office manages colors and logistics.

          Your project manager will do a final walkthrough to check for any finishing touches or minor issues to ensure that you are happy with the finished product.

          Recent cabinet refinishing project completed by Paris Painting in Lakeville, Minnesota

          Above: Recent cabinet refinishing project completed by Paris Painting in Lakeville, Minnesota.


          Refinishing your cabinets can be a great option to refresh the design of your kitchen without spending an enormous amount of money. Customer experience is our first concern at Paris Painting for Cabinet Painting in Minneapolis and Cabinet Painting in St Paul. To determine the sort of work that has to be done, we always perform a free preliminary walk-through and inspection of our client’s kitchens. To see the cost of refinishing your cabinets from one of our Cabinet Painting Experts in Minneapolis, schedule a free estimate today!