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The Storm Damage Restoration Process

If you are curious about what you are in for, here is how our process works. Questions? Feel free to reach out.

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Was Your Neighborhood Hit By Hail?

Check out these interesting numbers about some of the areas around us. You’d be surprised by how something so small can cause so much damage!

facts & figures
Was Your Neighborhood Hit By Hail?

Check out these interesting numbers about some of the areas around us. You’d be surprised by how something so small can cause so much damage!

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How To Avoid Contactor Scams

  • $1.2 trillion dollars are spent within construction industry each year.
  • More than 100,000 complaints per year to BBB are in the construction industry
  • More than 35% of scams are financially related
  • Asking for cash at door, or large deposit not relating to insurance
  • Not local, and has no physical office
  • Lack of branding, no website or handouts, no apparel or marked vehicles.
  • Check public reviews (Google, BBB, etc.)
  • Look for Material Supplier Awards and relationships
  • Check their insurance & license information

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't see any damage?

Oftentimes, hail damage is difficult to spot without a professional eye. Hail hits and lifted shingles will reduce the performance of your roof and may cause leaks and other problems. 

Freeze/thaw cycle, broken seals, cracked shingles – all of these create the possibility for water damage.

Can small hail still cause damage?

Believe it or not, yes. 

Even small hail can find all of the vulnerable places on your roof and exterior surfaces to cause damage. It’s also possible that there was pre-existing damage that was exacerbated by a small hail storm, making your roof replaceable.

I just replaced my roof 2 years ago - do I still need to be concerned?

Yes. Hail can damage new roofs and materials just as much as older roofs.

Will my insurance company contact me if I have damage?

Not usually. 

It’s best to have your home inspected by a professional.

How does the restoration process work?

First, find a reputable company to inspect your property for possible storm damage. 

Then, contact your insurance company to set up an adjuster meeting. Once your claim is approved, you can choose a contractor to repair your home, one that you can trust and won’t wait months to finish the job.

How much time do I have to get a new roof covered by my insurance?

Most insurance companies want you to begin the claim process within one-two years of the incident. So even if the hail storm in your neighborhood was last summer, you still have time to check for damages and get your repairs covered. It is recommended that you check with your provider to confirm that time frame.

I'm leery of storm chasers - how can I know who to trust?

Look for a company with a local office, good branding, and public online reviews. Making sure they can quickly provide their insurance and license information.

What are my first steps?

Paris Roofing would be honored to help you with this process. 

We provide free property inspections, schedule online today to get the process started.

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