Should I Hire a Professional Painting Company?

A common question we get from homeowners like you is “Why should I hire a professional painting company?” Choosing the right painter is important because it will have an impact on your home, schedule, and wallet. In the article below, we will talk about the 4 primary benefits of hiring professional painters.

1. Peace of Mind.

There are countless stories of Craigslist and Facebook painters screwing up a job, packing up their bags, and getting out of dodge. To back our work, we offer a Full 3-Year Warranty for any chipping, peeling, fading or workmanship. That means we will come back to fix any mistakes or imperfections.

Homeowner Shaking Painter Hands

2. Dedicated Crew.

Many bargain painters overestimate the time needed to complete your painting project, turning a weekend project into a month-long project. Even worse, they jump from job to job because their schedule is too full. Complete your project in your timeline when you hire a painting company with a dedicated crew.

Painting Project Manager Directing Crew

3. You're Protected.

Unfortunately, many local painters are not fully insured. That means you are responsible for any injuries or damages done to your home. When you hire professionals with liability insurance, you don’t run the risk of having to pay for mistakes. 

Hire a Professional Painter

4. Your Family is Safe.

Lead paint was used on many homes built before 1978 and requires strict adherence to EPA regulations. Even small levels of contaminated paint can cause permanent damage to both children and pets alike. You also avoid hefty fines from the EPA when you hire a professional painter.

EPA Lead Certified Painter

So... Is it Worth It?

Consider getting an estimate from a professional painting company if the following factors are important to you:

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