Kitchen Cabinet Painting in St Paul and Minneapolis

A well-designed kitchen should include a prep area close to stovetops and ovens as well as quick access to necessary items. The ample storage, pantry space, and strategically placed countertop surfaces also aid in keeping chefs organized.

There are many various cabinet painting options available in Minneapolis, and each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. In this blog article, we’ll talk about the most common kitchen layouts and break down their benefits and drawbacks. Read on for additional information if you’re interested in learning more about your options or redesigning your kitchen.

On-Site Estimate in Depth

Using our online booking calendar feature, scheduling your free estimate has never been simpler. Your estimate will be scheduled on the day and at the time that best suits you. Prior to the appointment, you’ll get a reminder for cabinet painting in Minneapolis.

  • To measure and evaluate all surfaces that need to be painted, our estimator will come to your home. Most visits are under an hour long and don’t include pushy sales techniques.
  • The estimate will be broken down into line items that each reflect the scope and price of the job in detail. You can simply change it, and you know precisely what you’re getting for your money.

Project Planning And Painting

The Paris Painting team is aware that thorough preparation and top-notch paint are essential for a durable house painting project. We discovered the best materials to utilize via trial and error, and we only use them today.

Planning And Painting


  • All furniture and flooring are covered and safeguarded.
  • The hardware is removed from all the doors, drawers, hinges, pulls, and knobs.
  • Use high-quality caulk to fill up cracks and seams.
  • Sanding previously painted surfaces improves paint adherence.
  • Cabinets that have been stained (brown) need to be primed using an oil-based primer from our cabinet painting St Paul.

cabinet painting St Paul

  • Either oil-based paint or a hybrid latex paint that has been properly prepared is used to paint cabinets.

paint cabinets

Review and Follow-up of the Project

With a full 3 year warranty, Paris Painting, cabinet painting St Paul can guarantee your peace of mind on any interior painting project. This duration of guarantee is unmatched by any other painting business in St. Paul. Curious why?

  • The project’s lead painter will perform a full walk-through when it is finished to examine the work and fix any issues that are brought up immediately.
  • Contact our office if you see something that was overlooked at the walk-through, and we will send someone out to correct it.
  • If you’re selling your home, a warranty certificate that you get through email is a fantastic marketing tool.


Review and Follow-up

Final Words

Living in St Paul and looking for kitchen cabinet painting services? Why not get a free estimate from the Paris Painting team to get the things sorted with the perfect guidance. We are here to help you out with quick and professional results.