How to Prep a House for Painting in Minneapolis

The time has come to begin your next home painting project—but don’t get ahead of yourself! There are essential tasks to complete before putting that paintbrush on the wall.

Whether you decide to take on the paint job yourself or hire a professional painter, your home will need a thorough inspection and preparation. So, where should you start? Our expert painters in Minneapolis offer five tips on how to prep a house for painting.

1.    Plan Your Project Correctly

Planning your project helps you budget materials and estimate how long the project will take. If you are completing an exterior project alone, make sure you plan to complete it during a period with good weather conditions. Too much rain, snow, or wind can negatively impact the quality of the paint job, costing you more money.

If you are hiring a professional painter, take this time to research, interview, and select the right crew for the job. They will likely begin their own home preparation methods once you hire them. Ask your contractor what tools and strategies they use to prepare the home for painting.

2.    Inspect the Walls for Contaminates and Damage

You will need to inspect your walls for existing contaminants and damage before painting. Neglecting these elements can create expensive problems down the line. Here are some things to look out for: 

  • Holes in the wall
  • Mold and mildew
  • Stains
  • Fungus
  • Exposed wiring

You should identify and remove these issues to ensure you get the most precise paint job and protect yourself from safety hazards. Painters can include additives with their paint, such as a mildewcide, to combat mold growth.

Also, make sure that any damage to the walls did not create structural problems or affect the integrity of the building—you don’t want to risk your safety during the paint job. Use the correct wall patching solutions to ensure you will get an even coat of paint over the damaged area.

3.    Wash Your Walls

Pressure wash walls to remove stains, loose paint, or other debris that might complicate the project. This process can be tedious but is crucial to the success of your paint job. Washing the walls will protect your home from contaminants that may stick between the wall and fresh paint.

Removing any debris will allow you to confidently apply a new coat of paint without unexpected textures or discoloration. Always let an experienced pressure washer technician handle this cleaning method since improper use of these machines can cause damage to your home.

4.    Prime the Walls

Priming the walls will allow you to paint over already painted surfaces without issue. A primer ensures you get an even coat of color over the entire wall, whether your home already has oil or water-based paint.

Priming is essential if you are switching colors. Always use a primer that supports the color you plan to use so that you avoid discoloration.

Also, make sure to paint every spot on the wall that you prime. Primer is not paint—it cannot withstand long-term exposure to indoor or outdoor environments. Homeowners will likely find their walls chipping and peeling if they don’t paint over the primer.

5.    Begin Painting

Now that you know how to prep a house for painting, it’s finally time to add color. Make sure to cover any electrical sockets, lights, or vulnerable areas with painter’s tape. Ensure that your brushes and tools are clean before putting them on the wall.

Paint your walls from the bottom up to receive the best results. Make sure the first and last coats are the same color and apply them evenly. Take your time painting and pay close attention to detail when working around the trim of windows and doors. 

Completing a quality paint job now will save you time in the future if you decide to recoat or remove color.

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