How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Finish?


Choosing the right paint palette for your home improvement project is tedious, as numerous options are available. Each type of interior paint finish has unique characteristics and benefits. Before choosing the right interior paint finish, it’s crucial to understand the various finishes available to you. Also, researching their associated properties to make an informed decision is essential to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Why are Quality Interior Paint Finishes Important?

Of course, you wish to decorate your interiors with the best. That’s how you might look at the purpose of the paint finish at first sight. There is more for you on the list.

Paint finishes help give a protection shield to your product, making it last longer and be more beautiful. The paint finish decides the personality of your interior and its first impression on any outsider.

To decide the overall vibe of your place, you can select the best interior paint finish for your wall from the list mentioned below.

Types of Interior Paint Finishes: Interior Paint Sheen Guide

Whether you’re planning to decorate your new home or renovate the old walls with some spice, a variety of paint finishes are available.

The most common interior paint finishes are classified based on sheen and durability. The popular paint finishes are matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss.

  1. Flat or Matte Finish

Do you want to look sleek by hiding those rough surfaces? Go Flat.

These are low-light reflecting finishes that tend to absorb more light. Hence creating that matte finish appearance.

Matte finishes are known for their low-shine appearance, making them an excellent choice for ceilings and walls in low-traffic areas, such as bedrooms and living rooms. They tend to hide imperfections and are simple to reapply when necessary.

  1. Eggshell Finish

Are we looking for the perfect type of durable and stunning paint for a home with kids?

Eggshell interior paint finish offers a slightly higher sheen than matte. Hence, it looks good and hides even better. Eggshell is good with washability, too.

It provides a soft, subtle luster well-suited for walls in medium-traffic interior areas like hallways and dining rooms.

  1. Satin Finish 

Satin finishes have a smooth, velvety appearance with a modest shine, making them a versatile choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, as they are more durable and easier to clean than matte or eggshell.

  1. Semi-Gloss Finish

Are you searching for something in between the eggshell and high-gloss finish? Here’s a semi-version to cope with your demands.

Semi-gloss finishes have a higher sheen and are highly reflective, making them suitable for trim, doors, and other surfaces that require a more polished look and are more resistant to scuffs.

  1. High-Gloss Finish

This creates high-reflecting surfaces with a brilliant glass-like finish.

Though shiny and appealing, it is less used in interiors and more on cabinets, furniture, etc, to mimic the glass appearance.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Interior Right Paint Finish

We understand it takes effort, money, and time to build the house of your dreams. Your interior must shadow your efforts to create a pleasant place for your loved ones.

  1. Think of the use

Choosing the type of paint and color is one’s personal preference. Your paint finish must go with your lifestyle and the aesthetics of the space. Spruce your mind with the color palette and type of finish you’d like to incorporate into the different interior areas.

  1. Checking Durability

You can switch over various choices in time, but durability remains the core concern. Taking the durability check is essential to justify spending your budget.

  1. Estimate the interior paint costs.

Personal preferences for aesthetics may vary widely in terms of product pricing. But don’t worry. We can give you an accurate estimate of interior paint costs for beautifying your place in the budget.

  1. Best paint finish for ceilings

You can use a matte or semi-gloss finish for your ceilings to hide the little defects. The ceiling paint should be reflecting and classy to blend perfectly with the walls of different traffic areas.

  1. High-gloss finish for doors, trim, and cabinets.

As mentioned above, a high-gloss finish is rarely preferred for the whole room. You can use it sparingly over the doors and trim to highlight some space in the room.

You can choose the semi-gloss or high-gloss finish for cabinets. Both ways, you’re shifting the focal point to the cabinet. Want to know how to paint kitchen cabinets? Read here.

Wrap Up

Paint sheens are classified in terms of their luster from ”Flat- no shine” to ”High-gloss- highly reflective.” The property of the light reflection in the room shows the utility of each type of interior paint.

Before you give the green flag to eggshell, semi-gloss, or satin finish, ponder some points mentioned above. Think about the light intensity you need in the room, the traffic of the room, and the texture of the surface.

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Q 1. What is a paint finish?

Ans: Paint finish or sheen means the property of paint that reflects light from its surface.

Q 2. How do I get a smooth finish while painting cabinets?

Ans: Consider sanding (electric) the topmost layer after applying a protective finish to give it a smoother texture.

Q 3.  Do you paint your trim or wall first?

Ans- Experts say it is better to paint your trim first than your wall.