Homeowners Should Consider these 12 Behr Interior Paint

There are a ton of gorgeous interior paint colors, from traditional to contemporary hues. If you’re seeking inspiration, you’ve come to the perfect spot! This collection has interior paint colors for all tastes, whether you’re searching for a classic, background-blending color or a trendy hue. For a list of the top 12 interior painting Minneapolis colors that the residents will love is given below, keep reading.

How can you choose the best behr interior colors in Minnepolis?

The perfect hue can completely change the atmosphere of a space. Finding your ideal color is simple with Behr. The easiest approach to decide if a color is appropriate for your area is to paint a tiny sample of the color on the wall so you can see it in the precise location and lighting.


Ask yourself what type of style and feel you want your area to have before choosing a hue. Color plays a significant role in altering rooms and establishing mood.


To find out what colors are popular right now, check through the standard color chips that are sorted by hue. You may also visit the yearly Color Trends website. Warm colors like those in the red, orange, and yellow families will make rooms seem hospitable, cozy, and stimulating. Spaces that use cool hues from the blue, green, and purple families feel airy, light, and calming.


Browse the BEHR color cards, which contain color combinations chosen by Behr color experts, if you’re confused about color pairings.


Once you’ve decided on a color, pick the intensity level of that color next. How intense or subdued a hue is referred to as intensity. Select the color’s brightness level next. Dark hues will make your home feel more comfortable and personal, while light colors will make rooms feel larger.


Before making your final choice, get paint samples and paint a sample of the color on your wall. View the color selections you have chosen in the space you will be painting. Pay attention to how the hue varies from day to night. To make the color work best in your area, it can be essential to adjust its brightness or intensity level.

If nothing suits you then it is always a good idea to connect with the experts. The team of Paris Painting can offer quick solutions to you so that you can choose the right colors and bring out the best from your selected shades. People of Minnepolis love to experiment with colors and thus doing a bit of extra legwork will surely give you some mesmerizing outcomes. 

Shades that will help you in  interior painting Minneapolis

Want to choose the best shades but not able to decide on the perfect one? Connect with Paris Painting and check out what we have to say about the perfect options for interior painting Minneapolis. Also below given is a list of colors that you can try out: 

1.White – 52

White is a classic hue that works well with a wide range of design aesthetics. Although you would believe that all white paint shades are the same, that is just untrue! White comes in a variety of hues with undertones that range from warm to chilly. White and off-white are the ideal interior paint colors from Behr for interior painting Minneapolis.

2. Swiss Coffee – OC-45

Swiss Coffee has a warm, milky, off-white hue with a little undertone of yellow. It’s a classic option for a crisp and clean appearance and one of the most popular paint colors from Behr. Keeping the weather of Minnepolis in mind, swiss coffee is one of the most recommended colors. 

3. Swirling Water – PR-W10

Swirling Water

Bright white with chilly undertones of grey and blue describes Swirling Water. It has a crisp, modern appearance that draws attention to the ideal, neutral backdrop and is loved by the professionals of interior painting Minneapolis.

4. Polar Bear – 75

A neutral white with scarcely any overtones is called Polar Bear. It has a pure white appearance and neither a warm nor a cold hue. You could notice a faint pink or faint blue undertone depending on how much natural light is present in the space. The neutral undertones of Polar Bear make it the ideal color to use with both warm and cold hues. If you are in love with the natural landscapes of Minnepolis then you must go for this shade. It is one of the most recommended interior painting Minneapolis options that one can checkout. 

5. Whisper White – HDC-MD-08

Whisper White

Whisper White is a sophisticated white that has a crisp, clean appearance without being overly stark. It has a light, milky hue with a little warm undertone. The hue is softened by the subtle beige undertone without seeming yellow or milky. Whisper white from interior painting Minneapolis appears light and airy with just enough softness to give the space a comfortable atmosphere.

6. Siena Dust – PPU3-8

Warm beige with peachy brown undertones is the hue Sienna Dust. It is in between tan and peach, but not exactly either. This color is gentle and dreamy because of the undertone, which in natural light can appear nearly pink. If you want a neutral that has just a touch of color, this is the ideal option.

7. Pale Honey – PPU6-8

Pale Honey

Yet another warm beige is pale honey. This one has a strong undertone of yellow, giving it a rich, creamy appearance similar to butter and honey. Pale Honey is a great option if you want to add warmth and brightness without going overboard in a space.

8. Silver Bullet – N520-2

Cool grey with a little blue undertone describes Silver Bullet. It is a neutral shade of grey that is neither too light nor too dark. Silver Bullet works well with other cool colors and may lend a feeling of lightness to a space that is predominantly decorated in warm hues.

9. Natural Gray – PPU18-10

Medium-dark grey with somewhat cold undertones, Natural Gray. It is a traditional grey that isn’t very warm or chilly, making it the ideal option for a neutral grey that goes with everything.

10. Rustic Taupe – N200-4

Dark grey with a little bit of a warm undertone, rustic taupe. It contrasts strikingly with white trim and works nicely with a broad variety of hues. Rustic Taupe for you if you enjoy dark greys.

11. Blueprint – S470-5

A medium-dark blue describes Blueprint. Rich and deep without being extremely black, the hue has a little greyish and brown undertone that gives it a soft denim appearance. From rustic to futuristic and all in between, Blueprint complements a wide range of design aesthetics.

12. Ocean Boulevard – PPU13-10

Ocean Boulevard


The color of Ocean Boulevard is a medium, breezy sky blue. The hue is subtly softened with a grey undertone, which prevents it from seeming too juvenile. Ocean Boulevard is a fantastic option if you want to give your interior walls a delightful flash of color that is both bold and traditional.


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