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We have found most homeowners are most satisfied when these 8 elements are present in their project - giving them the perfect paint job.

We Know The Idea of Painting Your Home Can Seem Stressful

From worries about current damage to your home to anxieties of dealing with less-than-honest ‘craigslist contractors’, we know the idea of painting your home can be stressful.  Beyond the hustle and bustle of each day, you don’t deserve to worry about those things as well.  

That’s why we have the Paris-Painting 3-Year, 100% Quality Guarantee.  

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Paris Painting offers a three-year warranty against defects in the workmanship. We’ll do the job right the first-time, but should your home be among the small percentage of jobs that do peel or blister within three years we will stand behind our work. Simply call or email our offices and we will send a site-manager to evaluate and document the work to be done. We will then come out at our own costs and fix the issue during the summer.

When It Comes to Your Home, Work With a Painter You Can Trust