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4 - Use of Premium Paints & Primers

You'll want to use the very best paints and primers to withstand our harsh Minnesota climate and give you a long-lasting finish. Learn the top 4 things you need to know about selecting the right paint for your project from our Production Manager, Mark, in the video below.

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Hey! Mark here from Paris painting! We are grateful for the opportunity to provide

you with the painting bid. I want to give you more information on the best products use for your painting project.

There are four things that you should know in order to make the best choice for your paint

  1. Customizing your paint to our climate
  2. What elements are in good paint three
  3. Why coverage is important
  4. What percentage of your investment is the paint

The most important thing is to find paint that will last long throughout our harsh Minnesota climates. As you probably have experienced, we have a large shift in temperatures in this Minnesota climate. Our temperatures go from negative 40 degrees in the winter to over a hundred degrees in the summer! Not only that but our winters are a lot drier compared to our very humid summers. Moisture will come in and out of your substrate throughout the seasons. This moisture causes your siding to expand and contract. This is the same reason why we see cracks in our road after winter season! In Minnesota we need a durable paint with enough elasticity and movement to work with our harsh climates and to give you a perfect finish!

Second, a good paint for our climate includes a higher volume solid percentage and stronger resin. Therefore, we recommend DURATION a premium product from Sherwin-Williams. DURATION has a higher percentage of volume solids and has stronger resin than a lot of the other paints on the market. A high percentage of volume solids and strong resin provides you with one of the strongest, durable, and elastic paint finishes. This prevents checking cracking and peeling as your substrate expands and contracts.

Third, coverage is a big factor on how long your paint is going to last. One brushstroke with duration paint will give you up to seven millimeters of thickness compared to only up to four with other products on the market.

Last, paint is usually around 15% of the price of your project. It's worth your investment to get the best paint possible. This maximizes your value the first time!

Because of our volume, we can you a more premium product like duration for a cheaper price than you could find your local paint store.

If you have any questions about what makes paint good or what product to choose we'd be happy to talk about it during your appointment,


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Your Perfect Paint Job™ Value Map

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Not All Painting Companies Give You the Same Value

After working with over 25,000 homeowners like you in our career, we find homeowners are the most satisfied with their painting project when these eight elements are present in their experience.
Each element has a range of performance from poor to best depending on painter.


Most Bargain Painters are able to offer cheaper prices than many painting companies by having reduced processes, smaller crews, and sporadic or undefined production timelines. Often the homeowner is able to get a cheaper price, but has to become the project manager.


We believe you deserve the ideal paint job that will last through our harsh Minnesota climate, in the most convenient way possible. Therefore, we aim to give you the very best value for your investment with the professional experience you deserve from a contractor.


Most Luxury-Artisan Painters perform additional preparation or specialized work specific to unique homes. The additions may add a year or two of paint-life, but are typically outweighed by our harsh Minnesota climate, extended production timelines, and a significant price increase.

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