What are the Top Colors This Year?

Need some color inspiration for your next painting project? 

Here are some of most popular colors used by homeowners in the Twin Cities this year!

SW 6244 - Naval

This deep blue has been a popular choice among homeowners in the Twin Cities. 

Dark and stable, it’ll no doubt give your interior and exterior a sophisticated look.

See this color in action by visiting the Naval color page from Sherwin Williams.

SW 7008 - Alabaster

Alabaster is still a classic paint color from Sherwin Williams that Minneapolis homeowners love for its subtleness and overall versatility.

Need a soft warm color for kitchens, bathrooms, and kitchen cabinets? Alabaster will keep your interior feeling warm and welcoming. 

This color is great because it pairs so well. 

Watch this video from The Paint People on how to pair Alabaster with other colors.

SW 6258 - Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black is the go-to option if you’re looking for a paint very close to true black. Minnesota homeowners love this shade because it doesn’t have any undertones like brown or blue.

No doubt, Tricorn Black will give your interior or exterior a dramatic look. 

When painting with a dark color, you might want to use a lower sheen, such as eggshell, so it doesn’t reflect light as easily. 

For a quick demonstration on sheen comparison, watch the Tricorn Black SW 6258 demonstration video from the Tribble Painting Company. 

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